Torsion Spring Repair Anthem AZ

torsion spring repair anthem azAt Anthem AZ Garage Door Repair, certified technicians are expertly equipped to properly repair and replace both torsion and extension springs systems with the best in quality and dependable parts. Our top-quality springs are rated for 25,000 to 50,000 cycles. Whereas, our competition uses springs rated for less than half of that! In addition, our springs are powder coated for ultimate protection from corrosion and friction.

Professional Torsion Spring Repair in Anthem AZ

Our professionals will inspect and evaluate your garage door springs using a three-step process. The process includes:

  1. Replace Both Springs – Most garage doors are manufactured with two springs for the efficient management of your garage doors. When one goes bad, it is likely that the other will follow suit, shortly thereafter. In order to save you from any future inconveniences, and run the risk of damaging your garage, we recommend replacing both of your garage door’s springs the first time one breaks.
  2. Choose the Right Size – Considering that garage doors can come in all different sizes and weights it’s no wonder that the same is true for garage door springs. Choosing the correct spring is imperative for the proper balance and safety of your garage door. This is why we only install the correct spring for your specific door and run a full-balance test upon completion.
  3. Safety Inspection – With every spring repair we complete, Anthem AZ Garage Door Repair performs a complete safety inspection, at no additional cost to you. We ensure that all components and hardware on your door are in tip-top shape and that they meet our strict safety standards.

Once we have diagnosed the problem, we will fix your broken springs and install new ones to your complete satisfaction. Simply give us a call and one of our garage door spring experts will be ready to tackle the task!

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