The Installation Process

Installing a garage door can definitely be a daunting task for someone who is not properly prepared and trained. Each and every one of our technicians are trained and experienced to handle any garage door install or repair.

Experienced & Qualified Technicians

In order for your garage door to work properly, the correct installation techniques should always be applied. Our tried and true garage door installation process has been perfected throughout years of installations and repairs. You can always count on us to install your garage door correctly the first time.

Zero Short Cuts

Our garage door technicians require extensive training through every single step of our installation process. The first thing our technicians do during the installation process is to run through their safety checklist. This ensures that there are no on the job injuries or damage to the property. Our technicians take absolutely no shortcuts when it comes to installing garage doors, so you can always be sure that your garage door is working properly at all times.

Used Garage Doors

Just because you are on a strict budget does not mean that you can’t afford to repair or replace your garage door. We sell a large variety of both new and used garage doors for everybody’s budget. All of our used doors are in certified working condition, and are installed by a licensed professional 100% of the time.